Common Questions

These are some common questions that people ask. If you have a specific question not covered please email

Do you do same-sex marriages?

Yes! Absolutely! I am happy to celebrate your marriage with you!
Can we make our on ceremony and write our own vows?Yes, let me know what you're thinking. Outside of a very few elements required by PEI law we are free to do your ceremony your way. Your ceremony is a reflection of who you are as a couple, where you have been together, and who you will be for years to come.
We don't want to do rings...That's absolutely fine! Rings are symbolic and not required in the ceremony!
How long is the service?Typical services are between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the elements used. They can be shorter or longer depending on what you as a couple want and decide to include in your ceremony.
What do you wear when presiding over the ceremony?I try my best to match the tenor and style of your wedding, and is one of the reasons we talk beforehand. I tend to dress in neutral colours so that you stand out while I'm officiating, and to not clash. If you want formal, I'll be formal, and if you want casual, I can do that too.
Will you perform weddings everywhere on PEI? Yes! Wherever your venue is I can be there given proper time to schedule.
Can my venue be a church?Yes, but each denomination, and in some cases individual church set their own rules. Some welcome marriage commissioners who are not ministers to perform ceremonies on their behalf while others don't. It is best to inquire with church you are thinking of using.
When are you available?When do you want to get married? : ) Given enough notice I am at your disposal for your vision of your ceremony. Summer is a busy time but certainly, with scheduling, earlier is better!
Do you require a deposit?Yes a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking and the remainder 1 week prior to your ceremony.
Do you work with couples from out of province / out of the country?Yes. As long as you can get a PEI marriage license, I can marry you in PEI.
Where do I get my Marriage License?Can find all information through PEI Vital Statistics (click here)
Do you provide a marriage certificate?No. A marriage certificate is obtained through the office of vital statistics in PEI and can be paid for at the same time as you obtain your marriage license. The fee is $35 in 2022. more information here
Who Can Witness?Anyone over the age of 18, parents, children, friends, relatives, and more!
Do you need a sound system?It depends on the size of the venue! We want everyone to be able to hear clearly. Think of your quietest participant in your ceremony, whether a reader or singer, and work of of that.

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